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Beige Ladies Raincoats

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Beige is a classic colour for a ladies raincoat. The colour says friendly and approachable, and a beige ladies raincoat is less sombre than say navy or black, yet still remains suitable as business wear. Below we give some examples of beige ladies raincoats and give the leading UK shops for buying ladies macs, trenchcoats and other rainwear.

Wearing Earth tones like beige makes you look friendly and approachable, and we think a light colour like beige can help make you look younger than if you're wearing a dark colour. If you have a job where you have a bit of a walk to work, you really do need a good mac or trench coat. A ladies beige mac is a womenswear classic and can be an all rounder in your wardrobe; it's smart enough to wear to work, yet beige is also a colour that works well for casual wear.

If you aren't a fan of beige ladies raincoats, then there's a wealth of other colours to choose from, and fashion designers are getting more adventurous with their colours and designs. For instance, It's easy to find macs and trench coats in yellow, pink, all shades of blue, turquoise, grey and green. If you want something more formal then go for darker colours such as black, dark grey and navy blue. For something more fun and lively, then printed raincoats are now also common. We've seen snakeskin prints, polka dots, floral prints and even watermelon prints!

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