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A good raincoat is a wardrobe essential. There is no such thing as bad weather, only the wrong clothing for it. If you have a good raincoat, the famous British weather is not a problem, and you can enjoy the rain! We've taken a look around the web for you and bought you leading UK clothes stores that sell ladies raincoats, mens raincoats and girls raincoats. We hope our site helps you find the ideal coat and you can get out and love the rain!

Light pink ladies raincoat
Light pink ladies raincoat
Light grey double breasted ladies mac
Light grey double breasted ladies mac

If you like to stay warm and dry, then consider a long raincoat instead of a shorter coat. The main advantage of a long raincoat is that it can keep your legs much dryer than a standard coat.

What materials are ladies raincoats and trench coats made from?

Many raincoats are made from water-repellant cotton; a small percentage of elastane (also known as Lycra or spandex) may be added to give some elasticity and strength. These raincoats often have a 100% polyester lining.

Microfibre cloth can be used to make raincoats. This is a strong synthetic fabric, either polyester or a polyester/polyamide (e.g. Nylon) mix. Raincoats may also be Teflon coated to improve their water resistance.

Gore-Tex raincoats. Gore-Tex is waterproof, windproof and breathable. The breathability allows sweat vapour to escape, keeping the wearer dryer and more comfortable.

Wax jackets (e.g. Barbour).

PVC raincoats. These aren't breathable so will start to feel sweaty if worn for a long time.

Womens parka from Joules

Handy features to look for in raincoats and trenchcoats

Roll away hoods.

Detachable hoods. The main problem with a detachable hood is that if you take it off it's easy to then lose it, or it will never be on the raincoat when it starts raining.

Loose hoods. Some people prefer a raincoat with a loose hood, as they find it much more comfortable when wearing the hood.

Foldable into its own carry bag, i.e. packaway / foldaway raincoat.

Decent pockets. Good hand pockets that are deep enough are important, and it's always useful to have one or more inside pockets too.

Red ladies raincoat

Breathable fabric. This will make your raincoat much more comfortable to wear, and is worth spending a little more for. Breathable fabric will mean you shouldn't start to feel sweaty within your coat, as moisture should be able to escape.

Upturnable collar to keep out the wind.

Lightweight. Weight is an important consideration for your raincoat, and you may find something that is lightweight more comfortable.

Crease-proof. Some raincoats are crease-proof, meaning they will stay looking smart more easily.

Machine washable. Some raincoats made from polyester are machine washable.

A raincoat with a lining. If you want a bit of warmth, you'll want to buy a raincoat with a lining.

What are popular brands of womens raincoat?

Top manufacturers of classic raincoats for women and ladies trenchoats include Aquascutum and Burberry.

Brands of more contemporary ladies rainwear styles include:

Alexon Raincoats

Aquascutum Raincoats (designer raincoats)

Barbour Wax Jackets

Berghaus Raincoats (outdoor clothing)

Burberry Raincoats (luxury raincoats)

Dannimac Raincoats

French Connection Raincoats (fashion raincoats)

GAP Raincoats

Helene Berman Raincoats

Helly Hansen

Hugo Boss Trench Coats

Jacques Vert Raincoats

Jaeger Raincoats


Karen Millen Raincoats

La Redoute Raincoats


Marisota Raincoats

Marks & Spencer Raincoats

Mountain Equipment Jackets (technical outdoor clothing)

Nike Jackets

Principles by Ben De Lisi Raincoats

Regatta Jackets

The North Face Jackets

Uniqlo Raincoats (Japanese fashion retailer)

M&S ladies raincoats are extremely popular for their good value and contemporary fashion styles.

What are popular colours for women's raincoats?

Below we list popular colours for ladies raincoats. We are currently building out pages for all these colours, so you can view a selection of raincoats (new or archived styles) to see if you like the colour. We've linked to the pages we've built so far.

Beige ladies raincoats

Black ladies raincoats

Blue ladies raincoats

Light brown ladies raincoats

Brown ladies raincoats

Dark brown ladies raincoats

Green ladies raincoats

Grey ladies raincoats

Light blue ladies raincoats

Light brown ladies raincoats

Navy ladies raincoats

Pink ladies raincoats

Purple ladies raincoats

Red ladies raincoats

Yellow ladies raincoats

White ladies raincoats

Fashionable colours for womens raincoats include baby pink, biscuit, electric blue, navy blue and taupe. A bright yellow ladies mac is also a classic.

To see some examples of brightly coloured raincoats, visit our raincoats for women page. Colourful raincoats are ideal for bringing some cheer to even the wettest of days.

Classic colours for ladies raincoats are beige, black, dark brown, light brown, grey, navy blue, taupe and white.

Printed and patterned raincoats are also now becoming popular, e.g. snakeskin prints, polka dots or striped raincoats. High end raincoat designer Burberry has launched raincoat ranges with bold brightly patterned designs.

What are popular brands of men's raincoat?

Burberry (luxury brand), Marks & Spencer, Aquascutum (designer raincoats), Helly Hansen, Hugo Boss, Mackintosh, Regatta, Nike (sports raincoats) and La Redoute.

Men's raincoat from Marks & Spencer

What are popular colours for men's raincoats?

The classic colours for mens raincoats are beige, black, brown, dark grey, navy blue, silver and taupe.

What styles are popular for raincoats?



Duffle coats.


Quilted raincoats.

Traditional mac.

Three quarter length.

Full length raincoats.


Riding macs.

Hacking macs.


Single breasted.

Double breasted.

Raincoats with hoods.

What are popular styles for ladies raincoats?

Ladies fashion macs are a real wardrobe favourite, and popular styles include:

Quilt raincoats - This type of ladies raincoat can give a sophisticated country look.

Full length raincoats.

Ladies Trench coats.

Ladies raincoats with hoods.

What's the Difference Between a Mac and a Trenchcoat?

The term Mac is short for Mackintosh, and should really be reserved for raincoats made from rubberised fabric, as invented by Charles Macintosh. However, the term Mac is now often used to describe long raincoats made from other materials.

The term trenchcoat has its origins in military coats, and hence trenchcoats may be made from heavier material and have a heavier lining, and may feature more military type detail such as shoulder straps and cuff straps.

Famous Raincoat Wearers

Brigitte Bardot wore a yellow PVC raincoat in the 1970 film The Bear and the Doll (l'Ours et la Poupée in French). 

Humphrey Bogart

Columbo, star of the TV detective series.

Where can I buy a Women's Hooded Raincoat?

See our page ladies raincoat with a hood.

Thanks for visiting our Raincoats page. We hope it helped find what you were looking for.

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